Simulation of the forces of nature, see the earth orbit the sun and then destroy it with your meteorites.

Actually a very general gravity simulator with a few prebuilt systems (solar system, 2 galaxies colliding, random particles, ...).

How to:

Open the options menu in the upper right corner and select from the predefined states.

Or create your own system by selectig new particle. Click on the canvas to place a particle and set its size, click again to set its speed and again to add the particle and continue the simlation.


A tree peacefully grows through the seasons, along with strange white grass.

How to:

Just watch...

You can also change the wind direction by dragging your mouse along the bottom part of the page (where wind is written).


A shoal of fish gather together in order to avoid predators. They apparentely have a mind of their own yet they follow a very simple set of rules.

Try and catch the fish.


My first game in c++. Playable and quite challenging.


My first game ever. Made using flash and some gross aproximations of the gravity law as I didn't knew it then.

How to:

You shall be the all mighty ghost Abudabar and with the power of the meteor at your hands you want to give those little inhabitants some adrenaline. Launch your meteor but be aware that if they don't destroy it the meteor will crash in their solar system thus blocking the vital sun and killing your playmates. You want to scare them again and again, don't you?


My submission to a contest. In 12 hours I had to create sofware that can assess your psychology.


A failed attempt at simulating water.

2 Planets

Another gravity simulator.

Solar project

A gravity simulator made in c++.


Other things I made in flash.

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